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Supervisor & Manager Training

An effective education and training program helps supervisors and managers understand what they can do to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplaces they oversee.

Workplace leaders should receive the same basic anti-harassment trainings provided for all employees. In addition, employers should ensure that all managers and supervisors are educated on the following topics related to discrimination prevention:

  • Identifying inappropriate conduct and conditions that could lead to harassment
  • Actions to take in response to harassment complaints from employees
  • How to handle requests for reasonable workplace accommodations
  • Intervention strategies to stop inappropriate or discriminatory conduct
  • Listening and communication skills that are supportive of victims and survivors of harassment
  • How to avoid retaliation and respect employee protected activities
  • Consistency, inclusion, and equity in employment actions and decisions, such as performance management and discipline, work assignments and schedules, recruitment, hiring, and promotion, and separation
  • Potential personal liability of supervisors or managers for discrimination