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Harassment Prevention Training for Workplaces

All employers are recommended to provide basic training for all current and new employees about unlawful workplace harassment.

Topics for basic anti-harassment training for all employees:

  • Understanding what is harassment and what is a hostile work environment
  • Legally protected categories
  • The definition of sexual harassment
  • Examples of conduct that can lead to harassment or create a hostile or unwelcoming work environment
  • Review of the employer’s policy against harassment
  • What to do if you witness harassment at work
  • How to report harassment to the employer, and who to contact to file a complaint
  • Enforcement agencies (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Vermont Attorney General’s Office, Vermont Human Rights Commission)

For more proactive harassment and discrimination prevention whenever resources permit, employers should also educate employees about:

  • Bystander intervention - to help workers gain skills to support victims of harassment and intervening in inappropriate workplace conduct
  • Workplace civility - to help workers understand the workplace standards, norms, and expectations for positive, respectful work environments for all
  • Implicit bias or unconscious bias - to help workers understand how implicit or unconscious biases impact the workplace and how they treat or perceive others

Additional resources about harassment prevention training: