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Bystander Intervention Training

Bystander intervention training for coworkers, supervisors, and managers can be an effective tool for addressing and preventing harassment.

All too often, victims of harassment in the workplace feel isolated in their experience and that they alone are the ones who must put a stop to offensive, inappropriate, or discriminatory conduct, or endure it in silence. Their sense of powerless and marginalization can be magnified when coworkers avoid confronting inappropriate conduct they witness.

On the other hand, if people have education and skills about how to intervene in instances of prejudice, bias, microaggressions, bigotry, or other offensive conduct, a work environment that could have become hostile can be transformed to a place of safety and support.

Bystander intervention training benefits individuals at any and all levels of a business or organization. With more skills, familiarity, and awareness about how to identify and confront potential harassment, employers can create workplaces that are genuinely inclusive of all workers in Vermont.

Employers can provide bystander intervention education to their managers and employers using any or all of the following methods:

  • In-house discussion and/or training - see some online resources for employers suggested below
  • Professional instruction from a live trainer - see Directory of Trainers
  • Webinars or similar online training programs
  • Attendance at workshops or other training events off-site

Additional resources to explore bystander intervention and workplace harassment