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Anti-Discrimination Posters

Workplace posters are a necessary way for employers to communicate with their employees about what types of conduct are prohibited, how to report harassment, and what consequences a harasser could potentially face.

Vermont employers are required to prominently post notices about unlawful sexual harassment and other forms of workplace discrimination. Here are some resources for finding posters to use in your workplace.

Mandatory posters for all Vermont employers

Mandatory posters for employers with more than 15 employees

Federal law requires an employer subject to federal law (generally, having more than 15 employees) to post notices describing the federal laws against job discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, equal pay, disability, and genetic information.

Find other mandatory and optional posters and publications from the Vermont Department of Labor

Federal employment related posters required and recommended by the EEOC  and U.S. DOL can be found at: U.S. Department of Labor - Workplace Posters and Compliance Assistance Materials