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The Facts

Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.

Source: EEOC



1/3 of executives report changing their behaviors to avoid any behaviors that could be perceived as sexual harassment yet more than 1/3 of workers still report that their workplace fosters sexual harassment.




The victim does not have to be the person harassed but could be anyone affected by the offensive conduct.

Source: EEOC



Women who were harassed were 6.5 times more likely than those who were not to change jobs.

Source: The Cost of Sexual Harassment, Gender & Society, Volume 31 Issue 3, June 2017, pp. 333–358…




The American Psychological Association estimates that 71% of working women will experience sexual harassment during their careers.

Source: International Center for Research on Women publication, The Costs of Sex-Based Harassment to Businesses: An In-Depth Look at the Workplace.…



Only 32% of women agreed that the harassment was something they could report to their employer without fear.

Source: Marketplace-Edison Research Poll, June 2018



45% of those experiencing sexual harassment strongly agreed that it caused them to change jobs.

Source: Marketplace-Edison Research Poll June 2018,

80% of women who’ve been harassed leave their jobs within two years.

Source: Gender & Society, Volume 31 Issue 3, June 2017, pp. 333–358……