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Unconscious Bias Prevention Training

Unconscious bias can impact the workplace and contribute to stereotypes, harassment, and discrimination. Training programs for managers and employees on this topic may address:

  • Forms of unconscious bias and examples
  • Research about the neuroscience of bias
  • Studies about how biases result in inequities
  • Exploring one’s individual biases and how to adjust them
  • Negative effects of failing to address unconscious bias
  • Ways to remove bias from individual decision-making, systems, and organizations

For individuals and organizations seeking to remove unconscious bias, education programs often consist of multiple training sessions over a period of weeks or months. This allows time for personal integration of the ideas and lays the foundation for more conscious and systemic changes.

There is a wealth of information and resources available for managers to learn more about how to address unconscious bias at both the individual and organizational level.

General resources for understanding unconscious or implicit bias

Resources for assessing and challenging individual biases


Take an Implicit Association Test to evaluate your own biases, Harvard’s Project Implicit

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“Implicit Bias: How it affects us and how we push through”

It's About Time We Challenge Our Unconscious Biases, Juliette Powell, TEDxStLouisWomen

Just belonging: finding the courage to interrupt bias, Kori Carew, TEDxYouth@KC

How to Outsmart Your Own Unconscious Bias, Valerie Alexander, TEDxPasadena

Resources about removing or interrupting bias in the workplace

Proven Strategies for Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Bias Interrupter Toolkits and Resources for Organizations and Individuals

Implicit Bias in Health Care

Breaking barriers: Unconscious gender bias in the workplace, International Labor Organization, August 2017

“How Women Can Overcome Bias” This 7-minute video, with Stanford University Professor Shelley Correll, provides actionable insights on creating tools to block bias, July 2016